Friday, April 06, 2007

The voices are rising

Anonymous said...

The anon that worked with Meffert and St. Pierre was right. Those guys operated a covert operation from Economic Development's offices in 1515 Poydras. They crafted plans and used the offices to meet secretly with potential bidders. Here's something for you. Ask why the City cancelled the many Technology Services RFPs? I have a former City Hall anon who confirmed it was because the Imagine guys screwed with the process. He/She also says that Nagin et al was made aware of potential evidence about the Greg's guys conspiracy to steer the technology services contract to Ciber. The RFP was cancelled and Meffert used Ciber's Federal GSA Schedule instead. [For those of you who do not know what that is: GSA stands for U.S. General Services Administration. It maintain a Federal Supply Schedule. This supply schedule can be used by Federal Agencies to procure/purchase supply and SERVICES without going to bid. Somewhere around 2004, the GSA begin to allow State and Local governments to use their purchasing vehicle which also allows S&L to bypass local BID and RFP processes.] In an effort to discredit his critics Meffert and his crew then put it out to bid again in 2005, this time they got it past the sniff test and Ciber was awarded the contract in August 2005. The anon goes on to say that Ciber turned in their proposal 2 mins before the 3pm deadline and that Imagine guys were all over City Hall meeting secretly behind closed doors the day the RFPs were due. Interesting...

We need more City Hall insiders that worked with Meffert and crew to come forward. I am encourging the former City Hall anon who was kind enough to share his/her insights to come forward. She and many I suppose are scared their accounts won't actually get these guys behind bars and will ultimately result in some revenge or retribution from not only Meffert, Nagin and crew but...get this...from other politicians and businesses in Louisiana. The anon believes the City and State is so corrupt that it would be hard to maintain a job without looking over your shoulder. Man, this shit is worse than I thought. The only way now for anything to get resolved is for the Federal Government to step in. This way witnesses could be protected.

This just in...the RFP for technology services just hit the streets.

Is this to replace St. Pierre, Domke, and boys?


Sam Jasper said...

I've been following all this and can't figure out where the MSM is. Are they all in hiding? This stuff is or rather, should be, on the front page every single freaking day.

I posted my solution. Unfortunately it's untenable.

mominem said...

It's not uusual or uncommon for bids to be turned at the last minute. There are several reasons for this, including not wanting to pass up any last minute discounts offered by suppliers and not wanting your information to be leaked.

There is in fact a state bid law which governs this process which is binding on all political subdivisions of the state.

It is a major reason why some may contracts are termed "professional services" which are exempt form the process.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree more. However, I think the City Hall anon was trying to assert something you acknowledged in your response without being direct.

Last minute [Ciber] submittal + [Imagine Boys] in City Hall at time BIDs were due + "[information] to be leaked" (as you stated) + Imagine Boys on [Ciber GSA] at time of BID = Ciber Winning BID

That's City Hall/State of Louisiana Algebra 101.