Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Zombie Factory?

I just got this very strange, conspiracy charged comment today:

Anonymous said...

Elsewhere on site: "The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is a U.S. Government complex of four sites created in deep underground salt caverns along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast that hold emergency supplies of crude oil."

Now ask what the shuttered morgue facility built in Carville post-Katrina for $17 million has to do with this.

What the hell would the Carville morgue have to do with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the salt caverns? I started getting all kinds of delusions of a secret military operation creating Zombie soldiers or something (mooks: that's a joke don't start throwing daggers).

But then I googled the Carville morgue and found this article from the NYT published on Feb 15.

I had heard about the Carville morgue but I had no idea it was a 70,000 sq. foot, 17 million dollar state of the art facility built by FEMA. All for 1000 bodies? It was built with a warehouse, cubicles, cafeteria, and fitness center and has living space for 150 employees? What the hell? Now it's just going to sit around dorment?

I have no idea what the ANON was alluding to in connection with the salt caverns or SPR, but the fact this state of the art facility is going to be abandoned and not put to use after 17 million was pumped into it is weird to say the least. Why not turn it into a national crime morgue for unsolved cases...start a forensic science school there in conjunction with LSU, Tulane, or some Louisiana school.

FEMA recently released this press release on the possible future plans for the morgue.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't we talking about Rosie O'Donnell and her verbal diarrhea?

Jason Brad Berry said...

ok...she's right, maybe?

Anonymous said...

500 employees, per your link. 150 is per day body count exams. The "recent" press release is from a year ago, just a reaction to the publicity. You also missed the context, my comment was a reply to:

"what is in it for the republicunts to continue to murder New Orleans?....What's in it for them? I don't get it. I know that they're doing it, I just want to know WHY."

Proximity to the SPR means New Orleans is going to be rebuilt. BR is just not useful enough. Where did POTUS get flown to after the attacks on 9/11? Louisiana. The negotiations are over what New Orleans will be in the future. That's not a conspiracy. You want conspiracy theory, watch JFK. All the federal agencies in New Orleans, Stone wasn't merely being historical. But where I come from, I ask just: is it a conspiracy to understand that the large base cities built in Iraq to house US military personnel meant an immediate withdrawal was not in the cards? Think along those lines. Not a zombie factory but an infectious disease treatment center type of thing. Which it's not, I don't want to give away my position, I just want to redirect you.

Have you seen Matt's latest postings? Could any other company have dispersed with so many engineering standards but one affiliated with a political family? Keep asking 'why'; you're smart enough to figure it out eventually. Maybe someone will come forward with some useful information.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah I noticed the 500 after i posted. I apologize if the post was insulting...I didn't mean it to be. I didn't mean it to make you out to be "conspiracy" minded. The whole thing was so was difficult to decipher your message.

I understand the line of speculation your following in this comment. That's pretty intense.

If you can tell me more I would appreciate it. You can email me directly at can use an anon. email...I don't want to know your identity...I just want to know the information.

Once again, i apologize if the post was offensive.