Monday, May 21, 2007

7 million a month

That's how much more it would have cost ThyssenKrupp AG to build their steel mill in Louisiana instead of Alabama due to Entergy's power costs.

7 million dollars a month more....84 million a year in overhead....un-fucking-believable.

How in Billy Hell could it cost 7 million dollars more a month for Entergy to power this plant than Alabama's energy provider? Is Entergy hand turning turbines to create electricity? Are they running gold lines instead of copper? Are they charging per electron?

This is such a horribly dysfunctional relationship....we need to get them out of this state and find out if we can purchase power from Alabama.


Leigh C. said...

Entergy has GOT to be employing a bunch of squirrels to run some exercise wheels, thereby generating some SERIOUS power.

Why can't we pull a Veruca Salt on the CEO of Entergy and have him dumped down the garbage chute as a bad nut?

Erzulie said...

I'm with you leigh. This is insane!!! I'm so over it! Why can't we get Cleco or anyone else? I'm seriously thinking about "spinning" my own energy.

mominem said...

I doubt that was the entire reason.

The official announcement mentioned labor costs, which includes the cost of employer liability.

I'm pretty sure the states reputation also had something to do with it.

BTW much of Alabama gets federally subsidized power form TVA, although not southern Alabama.