Friday, May 18, 2007

The GOP has a big problem: Democracy is working

After two televised debates of potential Republican presidential candidates....there is one candidate who clearly won both debates according to online and text messaging polls. The problem is...he's not a "front runner" and he's advocating that a new investigation should be launched into the 9/11 attacks.

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has continually skirted the border of 9/11 conspiracy theories. While the MSM (main stream media) has conveniently ignored the rising tide of Americans calling for a new investigation into the events surrounding 9/11, Paul has apparently tapped into this movement while pushing a Libertarian appears to resonating with many Americans.

Look at these numbers from the ABC debate:

ABC Online Poll results of GOP debate.

Oh my...ABC tried to explain the results as an online viral marketing effort undertaken by the Paul Howard Dean's sudden surge in popularity in 04. Their explanation: "Don't pay any attention to our's just that damn internets thingie doesn't mean anything because we don't want it to and don't recognize Paul as a serious candidate."

Fox took note of the Paul effect before they held their South Carolina debate and took measures to prevent the same result. They nixed the internet vote and required people to text message their vote (at a cost mind you). That'll get rid of those geeky interneties right? Not...

FOX Text Message Poll results of South Carolina GOP debate.

Well shit...he came in second, right behind the Mormon. How do you explain that?

Uh....yeah it was those damn interneties again. But the vote wasn't on the internets? Well...those techies like to use gadgets of all kinds...they skewed the poll with their cell phones...maybe they even hacked us.

I watched most of the FOX debate. Paul made some inflammatory remarks regarding 9/11 and Guiliani immediately pounced on him...I'm sure he was anticpating Paul's remark. After the debate, FOX's pundits were painting Paul as a nut case and suggesting that from this point on, future debates should only showcase "the top candidates" or "serious candidates"...a convenient way to get rid of the Paul pickle.

Paul is posing a problem. The GOP has to marginalize him as quickly as possible or "The Ron Paul Effect" may end up rewriting history. The MSM is already on the job:

FOX Hides their Poll Results.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what incredibly spin on that clip! Gee lessee where to start with the insults: ageism, anti-technology, anti-intellectual, it goes on from there. Oh and those cute little 20-somethings who work there, yeah, they're the ones doing this. And ya know, it's just not that hard to get 10K people to vote a certain way on this internet. HUH? That was one of the most impossibly bizarre debate post-mortems I've ever seen.

For the record, I can use the internet and amazingly can text message on my phone. Hell, I can even send video. I'm over 50. Must be an over-achiever.

And they call us geeks.