Friday, May 11, 2007

Anyone wanna go Fight Club???

Is Pitt still in town? I wanna get in touch with him and Edward Norton.

Robyn Flanery's fight with Entergy has reached epic proportions...but...there is hope on the horizon. This was Robyn's last email to Entergy:

Dear Mike,
Kenny at the CCC center was very nice. I guess your name is a good one to drop, not to mention the huge file of e-mails I have from you regarding all this. I was able to have the DPA transferred to my new address with no problem. OF COURSE I AM STILL GOING TO HAVE TO PAY THE $4,000.00 of overage that I DO NOT OWE!

THEN: Saturday I got mail from Entergy stating that my NEW HOUSE METER could not be read due to animal in yard --7903 Jeannette St. and the bill was ESTIMATED yet again! How come? They read it with no problem last month!

Also, I got a letter at APRICOT street saying that unless I called someone at Entergy IMMEDIATELY my power would be shut off due to CITY COUNCIL saying that no more estimation could be done on that meter! Entergy states: "city council has ruled that no meters can be estimated past two months. Unless you contact Entergy immediately we will have no option except for disconnection." WHAT???????????????? I feel like I am being targeted by Entergy now! HELP. What in bloody heck did I do?

I want my meters READ. I want to be present EACH MONTH when they do it. I want to be SURE that my bills are correct and that I will NEVER EVER receive a bill for $4000.00 in overage that I did not use --OR ANY AMOUNT THAT I DO NOT OWE.

Please, ALSO: I would like to have copies of the notes that were made by Entergy regarding the investigation you said was done re: -- the $4,000.00 overage that I was told I was responsible for at 8414 Apricot Street. I want to measure those notes with actual appliance usage manuals that I have for all the new appliances and HVAC in that house. I want to see what it would be for MAX capacity usage each month with EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL or GAS ON, then I want to watch what the meter does when all is OFF.

I need to sit down with you and go over all this, it's getting to be too much for me, really! This is too much for any tax paying property owning law abiding citizen with a job (or two of them in my case!)-- to deal with. Please call me so we can schedule a meeting. I know if we get together we can fix this problem for not just myself, but for EACH AND EVERY ENTERGY CUSTOMER. There are so many that are just too afraid, or too confused to ask for help.

Robyn Flanery's what she posted immediately after this:

I was interviewed at length by Jonathan Betz of WWL TV regarding the Entergy cluster f#$%. After I left the house, I got a call from my tenant (supposed to move in today) and she told me that Entergy had told her she could not have an account at that address since I "owed a large balance" -- I emailed mike dupuis, customer service rep for district A. He told me he was NOW only doing large commercial customer service, and I should go to the ccc center at jeff davis and canal. I did. I met with a nice girl who told me she could help me. If I paid "a portion" of the LARGE OVERAGE THAT I AM BEING CHARGED IN ERROR BY ENTERGY. I hemmorhaged $810.00. Now my tenant can open her account. Unless they screw her/me over more. I have been sending all my email threads with entergy to Val Exnicios. He's a plaintiff attorney I know. He won the Murphy Oil case for all those poor people. Anyhow, anybody interested should call his office and speak with Brandy, his assistant. Their number is: 504-410-9611 tell her that I have been sending Val email regarding this, tell her that you are interested in jumping on the bandwagon. This might make him want to move forward. I want to blow the lid off this mother.

Without the Zombie, I couldn't do this. Thanks Ashypie. You started this fire in me!

Ashypie...ever seen a Zombie blush?

So Van Helsing arrives and the battle begins. If you're being stalked by the vampires at Entergy and have documentation to back it Brandy at Val Exnicios office @ 504-410-9611.

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Erzulie said...

This is awesome, D. I feel for Robyn. This is such BULLSHIT on Entergy and they f#$%ing know it!!! I truly hope those affected will come forward. These bastards are attacking those who can pay with the simple (yet very delicate) threat to shut them off. It's not right because we all need gas and electricity to live in the city or anywhere for that matter! Especially with Summer coming up. There's no other option except for Entergy...if there was, we would chose the latter. This is insane and it needs to stop!