Thursday, May 10, 2007

Incompetence + Monopolies + Corruption = Gentrification

Water Bills to go up 50%:

Entergy claims it will do everthing it can not to pass their infrastructure costs back to N.O. citizens:

note this:

Exactly where the rest will come from remains unclear: the $200 million in federal grants set aside by the Louisiana Recovery Authority has already been spoken for by the completed work, Stewart said. He said the company -- as it continues work that could take a decade or more -- planned to "exhaust every (funding) source possible without having customers bear it."

But there remains tremendous uncertainty about where residents will resettle. While West said Entergy New Orleans must provide services to all who want it, the company is studying resettlement patterns and trying to take cues from the city on where it intends to invest rebuilding dollars. the city taking cues from Entergy on where Entergy wants to rebuild? If you want a case study lets look at the Holly Grove area and see what Entergy is "estimating" people's monthly bills to be.

And finally...this report from the Kaiser Family Foundation speaks for itself:

Once again....the market is deciding. Nagin's plan...his only plan...was to let the market decide. This is the result of that strategy. He has not only utterly failed to deliver on his promises to the people who elected him...his inaction and failure to deliver a comprehensive social and economic vision for this city is successfully gentrifying it. He then has the nerve to stand in front of black audiences, locally and nationwide, and point fingers at invisible conspirators who are intent on keeping the city's displaced black population from coming back to the city....what's worse, many African-Americans are buying it.

If there are conspirators...the kind Nagin implies....Old white men drinking mint juleps on the porches of their St. Charles Avenue know what they're saying?

Rich Honky 1: "What are we gonna do about all these negroes trying to get back into our city?"

Rich Honky 2: "Don't worry, son....C. Ray's doin' that job for us."

I wish Essence Fest would host this panel:

"Is Nagin really black...or is he just playing African-American sentiment like a fiddle?"

Then someone should present a Power Point presentation showing his actions (or inaction) since Katrina as opposed to the rhetorical hyperbole he's been spitting out.


Anonymous said...

the kaiser link doesn't work.

LAW70 said...

OOOOH Brother D, I am going to have to take the high road on this because I feel my high blood pressure going up!! We do NOT even want to go there regarding this NUT. Nagin is really going to show his a** when the Essence Fest arrives. This is a PERFECT forum for him to get my fellow African Americans worked up. I wish my brothers and sisters would wake up and see what is REALLY going on with this bad actor. More to come...I have to calm down first.

LAW70 said...

Okay, I am calm now...Brother D, you MUST know that every time you blog about this fool - it just sets me OFF. He has caused the majority of residents in NOLA so much pain and at the same time has placed a label on many African Americans. The worst thing about this is that he is not the only one. For the record, C-Ray Nagin, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do NOT speak for me. NOW, I would like to see him try and send ME a bag of Oreo's - I WILL show his a** who is the "real" Oreo. The only thing that I have observed Nagin doing is blowing hot air. I am SO fed up with his lack of leadership and direction. The NERVE of this guy!!

By the way, Anon...I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that someone of another race agree that we should all be AMERICAN'S. The only way that we can get over the race issue is by stopping the seperation of race, by ALL races.