Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just scratching the surface....and look what turns up

damn....somehow I missed Benetechs website:

look at that laundry list of city contracts...incidentally, none of which are "tech" related:

1. Resoration of 15 public schools

2. FEMA contract to manage public housing

3. Contract for disposal of flooded cars and boats

4. Restoration of French Market

What the fuck don't they do? No wonder Bennett flew Nagin and Meffert to the Bears game on a private jet. Something tells me this also explains Meffert's new company, PRM Restoration Development Group, LLC. I wonder if PRM is doing any of the "restoring" for the public schools or the French Market as a sub under Benetech?

Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

This breaks my heart to see this all happen time after time after time after time and nothing get done about it at the State or National level. It's already apparent that City Council will do nothing about it until there is an IG and all. It's already too late and waiting longer just makes things that much worse. Who is going to stand up and speak for us? Or not even us, but what is right???

bayoustjohndavid said...

The IG got watered down by the council. The council won't step up until people start criticizing Nagin for more than his tendency to stick his foot in his mouth. People need to speak up every time somebody says he's honest or trying hard. Seriously, people need to correct that impression every chance they get. There's already a clear cut pattern of corruption and an obvious lack of effort, but there isn't enough grumbling about the right things.

Anonymous said...

funny when I try to 'read more' on their website, nothing happens.

However I do know of a school using 'Associated Contractors' which appears to be their sub-entity. That school isn't finished, either. I smell a stinky rat, Dambala. Let's follow up on each of their activites.

After all Tuesday was accountability day. We need accountability year.

LAW70 said...

I am SHOCKED beyond words...leak it baby, leak IT!! Is there a history/record on the number of bids from other companies that were placed on these items? Was there even a bid placed on these services? Does the Attorney General get involved with anything State related such as this?

Sam Jasper said...

Given that I was curious as to where the money is coming from for all these projects, I started with the French Market. I called the corporate entity, told them that I had an out of town visitor who was interested in when the rebuilding of the Market would be done, the woman said it was expected to be done at the end of August. I then asked where the money was coming from? Was it FEMA, the state, City of NO? She said, "No, we had to take out a loan to get it done." I said I was stunned, then asked who the contractor was. She said, "Oh I don't know, I don't keep up on that." I asked if there was someplace online that I could check to get the answers. I was directed to Once there in their "news" link it just tells about the meeting dates of the Board of Directors, and their hope for a must see pedestrian market, etc. Nothing concrete can be found there.

So I still don't know where the money is coming from.