Monday, May 21, 2007

Maybe this is why their rates are so high

Palisades security chief `had everyone fooled'.

Junod also reported that Clark told him he previously worked for Blackwater Corp. and had killed people in Vietnam, New Orleans and Iraq and had top security clearances at the U.S. Departments of Energy and Defense.

New Orleans-based Entergy Corp., which owns the Palisades plant, is investigating information from the Esquire article to determine whether further investigation is warranted.

Jesus H. Christ...they really do have Homer "frikkin" Simpson running their plants. I love how he said he had killed people in Vietnam, New Olreans, and he's a third world assassin. I'm suprised Entergy hasn't sent him after me.


Anonymous said... the dude's name is "Clark"?? As in Tom Clancy's shadowy CIA operative "Mr. Clark"?!?!?!? Does he have a Mexican-American son-in-law named "Ding"? LOL

Anonymous said...

Palisades was purchased by Entergy very recently and taken under Entergy control just this year. So this guy probably came over during the acquisition of the plant from the previous owner.