Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What is PRM Restoration?

These two comments came in regarding Greg Meffert's company, PRM Restoration:

PRM is PRM Realty out of Chicago. Meffert screwed over several folks who brought them to New Orleans to help redevelop the Iberville Housing Projects and other developments. Meffert cut them out because the folks that PRM was dealing with were above board and Meffert didn't want those types (honest people) interfering with his plans to maneuver himself into the financial plans of PRM. Call the folks in New York & Chicago who are associated with PRM Realty and you will find that piece of shits fingerprint's are all over the place.

and from the same commenter:

Look to Meffert's connection to "PRM REALTY" in Chicago. There is a lot more going on that crosses the line. Meffert is working with PRM thus the name. Its a long story and I hope this MFer get his due. Where is the FBI & US Attorney's office?

I'm attempting to contact PRM in Chicago and see if they will comment on exactly what the connection is.


Anonymous said...

Wow indeed. What's up? Zombie, you should put together a document with all of the Meffert-related postings and get that in the hands of the FBI, City Council, the Times-Pic (as a refresher) and Father Wildes at Loyola, who is the head of the ethics board. It could very well be that even though all of us know all of this and it spreads, that key people do not know. Would it be possible for you to assemble all of those posts with a summary letter and get it into all of those hands AZ? Please? This is one incredible story after another and all the while, its our ship that is sinking.

Anonymous said...

The LA secty of state corp database is an interesting read. It lists C Ray at 28 Park Island Drive and newer filings for Meffert list him (and Linda Meffert) at 24 Park Island.

Google maps (highly unscientific and quite possibly suspect) show both addresses pointing to the same are C Ray and Meffert next-door neighbors or is Google correct and they are roomies?

Either way....seems awfully interesting to me