Wednesday, May 23, 2007

If my calculations are correct....

Benetech has received at least over 50 million dollars in no bid contracts since the storm....ranging from restoration contracts to being the current contractor for city IT services after Ciber bailed.

Interesting Factoid, no?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Zombie. You knew I was curious how much these contracts were worth all added together. I never expected the number to be this high though.

Still wanna know where all the money's coming from if the City's broke.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought Ciber was still in City Hall.

Anonymous said...


You are right. Ciber is still in City Hall. There's nothing funny about it. But since you went there....

Ciber is operating under a 5.5 million Technology Services contract awarded in August 2005. This contract was a reward for allowing Meffert's crew to use the Ciber GSA (federal contracting schedule) as a procurement vehicle (no RFP/BID required) in 2004 when the previous Tech RFP was cancelled due to a growing awareness in City Hall that the Meffert crew was secretly steering the contract to Ciber.

Even after the award of the 5.5 million contract to Ciber in 2005, Meffert kept the Imagine Software/Veracent/NetMethods (IVN) group under the Ciber GSA so that they would not appear on the 5.5 million awarded to Ciber. This way no one could call foul because IVN was not on the contract. The GSA was meant to be a "secret" and avoid public scrutiny.

Now fast forward, Benetech is the new favored son (ala plane ride to Saint game in Chicago). Ciber didn't bail on the GSA contract. It was taken and given to Benetech period. It is the GSA contract that is essentially being bidded out now - due to the TP and AZ excellent coverage and unveiling of the GSA no bid contracts and all the patronage and quid pro quo that went with it.

There you go...see nothing funny about raping the City for the last 5 years. It is a serious web of crooks that is using different names, contracts, companies etc. to confuse the average citizen. They read AZ and try to anonymously and discreetly to point out discrepancies as an attempt to discredit every comment posted by AZ and fellow bloggers and take the legs from under the movement to expose their asses.