Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Bad Shepard

I didn't know much about Derrick Shepard...but damn, the commenters on the last post seem to be unanimous in their condemnation:

Puddinhead said...
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Disregarding his shenanigans as an elected official, in the few times I've actually met Shepard at our neighborhood association meetings he's struck me as a real jerk.

oyster said...
This potential news about Sheppard is the best thing I've heard in a LOOONG time.

I lost a file of dirt on him that was about as thick as the yellow pages in the floodwaters.

Anonymous said...
This guy was in law school at the same time I was...He stole money from the Black Association of Law Students before he graduated. This guy is through-and-through a crook.

He was embezzling in law school? Then he goes on to become a state senator? truly amazing.

Tomorrow we'll know for whom the bell tolls.

The unofficial Zombie odds for this week are:

Sheppard exacta: 2:1

Willard-Lewis exacta: 4:1

Hedge-Morrell exacta: 10:1

Sheppard/Lewis Quinella: 25:1

Sheppard/Morrell Quinella: 100:1

Willard-Lewis/Hedge-Morrell: 500:1

The Trifecta: 1000:1

*Oliver Thomas is excluded from placing bets on this race due to insider information


Anonymous said...

Derrick Shepherd endorses Bill Jefferson

Varg said...

I would like to put $20 on the Shepard / Willard-Lewis Quinella

Anonymous said...

No Sapir?

Anonymous said...

i'd like to put dollar bill's freezer on the trifecta.

Anonymous said...

At the time Shepherd was running for Dollar Bill's seat, for amusement and information value, I called all the candidates to determine their views and relative truthfulness.

(For those that don't know, the Secretary of State's web site lists candidates names, addresses and phone numbers. Many candidates list their home numbers, as did Shepherd.)

Anyway, there was one answer that struck me. You may recall, at about that time, the Legislature passed an extremely strict abortion law. I asked Shepherd where he stood on this issue. He claimed in no uncertain terms to be pro-choice. Then, he advised that he voted for the bill, and was quite enthusiastic. I pointed out the contradiction in these positions, and he made some vague mumblings, without ever seeming to even understand what he had said, and was saying. Basically, he's a right-wing twat. Fuck you, Shepherd.

Anonymous said...

A much awaited indictment in the works???