Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am so wrong

I took the post about Imagine GIS down because I was corrected by multiple is not the latest incarnation of Imagine Software. And I was told that the owner of the company, Marseyas Fernandez, is one helluva guy.

If I had a would be red.

my apologies.


bayoustjohndavid said...

I was planning to email you to see if they were they same when I saw your post. If I can can ever get enough info to do a post on Nagin donors that do business with the city, he'll be on it, helluva a guy or not. Of course, donating to Nagin doesn't prove diddly squat, but after that attack ad of Nagin's about Landrieu donors, I'd love to find out how many Nagin donors have some kind of city contract or are prime subcontractors.

Jason Brad Berry said...


that's a new one to me....first I've heard of it.

I feel your pain...but I think it's important to focus on the most egregious items.


Anonymous said...

Clearly business who desires or cares to offer services in a contractual capacity, has or will likely make campaign contributions. Such contributions are the mother's milk of governance. Average constituents people don't hefty contributions, they vote! And as New Orleans has shown, it does a poor job as well!!!

Anonymous said...

That "one helluva guy" is a major prick and a significant part of the problem neighborhoods have with access to city data. $10,000 to Ray Nagin in 2006, millions in contracts over several years, and (rumored to have) a major contract for the city's data recovery in the event of a disaster ... seems like a few emails out to be retrievable from such a system (if it works). By the way, like his colleagues, Meffert & co., Fernandez commonly passes himself off as a city employee, rather than a contractor, and has a email address.