Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I think I know what's wrong with the Saints

I just heard today on Garland Robinette's radio show that when the Saints performed their "burying" ceremony they did it over Marie Laveau's grave. What were they thinking? You can't just waltz into St. Louis Cemetary #1 and disturb the high priestess of Voudun's grave...and if you do...you better know what the hell you're doing.

I don't know if they used Sally Ann or Ava Kay but I can only hope they weren't stupid enough to do it without the aid of a priestess/priest. If they performed the ceremony without paying tribute to Papa Legba first....they made a (forgive me) grave mistake.

My guess is they botched the ceremony and pissed off Papa Legba. They are cursed. The only way they can break that curse is to appease Legba...and that usually requires blood and/or bone...believe me I know firstHAND. That sacrifice was made twice last night with McCallister and Davids....it will continue until Eshu is appeased.

Before you invoke the aid of any Orisha, you must go through the gaurdian of the crossroads: Eshu Allegbara (Papa Legba)

They have two weeks to deal with this....I hope they do. Legba is unrelenting if ignored.


by the way....here's a cool trick...stare at Legba's image for a while then look into the black space on the side of this page. You should see....a ghost image of an X....crossroads...freaky deaky, huh?


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your sacrifice theory, if indeed the trophies are buried at SL#1 over Marie Laveaux's grave. Whoooops!

As for the X, if you stare at it long enough, the whole image appears in the black as a negative. It's just the burning of our retinae. But you knew that.

How've you been?

Jason Brad Berry said...

talk about freaky...I was just looking at you in RT2 video when I got this comment.

doing well...going out of town to Big Apple for weekend.

how bout you?

Leigh C. said...

"I like New York in...September?
"How about you?"

Doesn't really fit. Anyway, enjoy.

The Saints maybe need to combine the sacrifice with some good ol' fashioned mojo finding within themselves, a la "Austin Powers".

Anonymous said...

Yeah. That ghost image thingy worked for me too. Have a great weekend darlin'.