Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Naomi Klein rocks

gotta watch this....amazing stuff:

Naomi Klein and John Cusack on "The Shock Doctrine"

At about 5:30 into the video, she references Milton Friedman's op-ed for the WSJ where he promoted moving our Public Education system to a private system. That suggestion was taken to heart by the Bush administration.

I gotta buy this book.

Oh by the way...the documentary on the New Orleans Public School System, Left Behind, will be shown at the upcoming New Orleans Film Festival on October 13th. Even if you have seen it before, there have been some changes to the film since it's first showing.


LatinTeacher said...

I need to read this book as well. I am not opposed to Charter Schools, but I am opposed to letting any more of New Orleans' children slip through the cracks. How long will what happened for the last 35+ years impact the future of the city. Something had to be done, but it looks to me like overkill.

Anonymous said...

She's so fabulous, so amazingly bright. I found myself stopping the video to take notes. Some that jumped out at me: "...willing to spend unlimited amounts of public money to build this new economy." "These are the new start-ups." (It's true. Ugghh.) "Disaster capitalism, we need to name it as such and we need to shame it too because it's immoral." Thanks so much for posting these. She's top of my list of must read & must recommend.

I'm thinking the weekend of the 13th looks like a good time to visit New Orleans. I'm thinking I might want to plan to take in the screening of Left Behind. I'm thinking I want to get tickets sooner rather than later. I can't go to the box office at Canal Place and am having trouble finding my way that far into moviefone.com. Any advice?