Friday, September 14, 2007

My worlds collide..

Somewhere in the strange morass of republican sex old home state and new home state have collided. I had no idea Mitch McConnell was gay...but if the hillbilly says so....must be so....cuz he's some good people


Anonymous said...

shit, it's not just mitch. Check and Did you know about Jim Mcrery?

Anonymous said...

More serious shit:

Anonymous said...

Good grief. I've been lost in the links, and, well, just wow. Holy freakin' shit. I'm really struck by a snippet from commenter Kevin Hayden on DWT's 8/31 post about the gay murders, in which Hayden describes a "shame-based Christo-racist culture". Well, doesn't that about say it all?

Thanks again, Dambala, for being a great guide.