Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Dog...Old tricks

This post came in from a new informant, Nois Mois.....he/she's done some really good work...check this out:

Are you aware of the City released and advertised the Chief Technology Officer position ( ? This is the position Greg Meffert (muppet) enshrined for his peeps until 2010. But you probably haven't seen it on the City's website since it was buried down at the bottom of the website. I had to scroll down so far to find it my index finger caught a charlie-horse! Kind of interesting that such an important post doesn't make it as top news on the City's website. An even bigger tragedy is the Capital Project Administrator position was buried with it. These are very important positions in an extremely fragile time in the City's redevelopment. This seems to be the norm in the Nagin administration. However, I don't think this was done by accident.

Scratch My Back...

As I understand it, Anthony Jones is the current Interim CTO. According to my source, he was endorsed by Greg Meffert for the position. Why? Well, it turns out ol' Muppet hired Mr. Jones in August '05. Here's where it gets interesting:

Mr. Jones was recommended by Chris Drake, a for Imagine Software and current Logistix (Muppett's co.) employee for the City's MIS Director position. The position was held for years by one individual but was split between two individuals reportedly because Mr. Jones did not meet the minimum qualifications - a bachelor's degree. The point I am making is...Mr. Jones is indebted to Greg Meffert and his crew. So let's fast forward to the CTO position posting....

The Beholder

Mr. Jones (as interim CTO) and Imagine Software control the City's website. Mr. Jones had to be aware of the post and somehow it ends up close to the bottom of the front page. In addition, if you were lucky enough to find it or to be directed to it as I was, the post had a September 14 deadline (essentially 1 week). The only way to communicate your letter of application was by snail mail. Which means any interested individual would only have 1 week to make a determination to apply and if so, prepare the documentation and mail. That's crazy. In addition, there was no phone #'s or emails where interested parties can contact someone for questions or clarity on the job. Oh, btw, the duties of the CTO are very vague and the standards are very low. When I questioned my source as to why he/she thought the administration would only accept snail mail only, he/she replied that " as long as things are being done digitally there's a big chance the process will end up tainted." Hmmm.. interesting. Could the CAO be suspicious of Mr. Jones and his contractors? or Is the CAO on with the fix to land Mr. Jones the job. It's not uncommon for Government agencies to post a position already knowing of or have selected the individual for he job. It's part of the Civil Service bureauracy that fosters this. However, this is a high profile position.

The Inconvenience of a Partner

The City is supposed to have a partnership with the Louisiana Technology Council (LTC) on all technology initiatives in order to ensure the process is open, transparent and well publicized. Well, according to my source the LTC was not notified of the CTO posting by the City. The LTC was notified by a partner external to the City. Once notified, my understanding is the LTC requested that the deadline be extended so that they could get the word out and attract qualified candidates.

Why didn't the City notify the LTC of the post? Could it have been an oversight? Hmmm....

Man, it just seems that everything is on the fix at City Hall. If anyone has anymore info on this situation or can clarify or refute any of the content, please feel free to chime in. Interested in truth and weeding out cronyism only.


Also keep in mind that both the Crime Camera contract and the Interoperabiliy Contract are still floating in Nagin/Meffert Purgatory somewhere.

Great job, NM....thank you.


Anonymous said...

You know...I think someone should ask the LTC for an opinion on these contracts and the process. At some point someone has to start questioning the validity of this organization. I looked them up and they seem very legit and I received some nice comments about Mark Lewis, the Director. However, when you view the Board of Directors almost every company in the Southeast La. is there.

No wonder LTC is not very vocal or take a stand on issues concerning impropriety in technology contracts. When your entire board is full of tech companies whose going to tell. It would only lessen their chances on the next bid.

It's not to say that they're the bad guys but impropriety in government contracts can't do much to promote "growth and competitiveness" or "economic development"

I think if we have any reputable IT firms and organizations in Louisiana then they should stand up and demand answers. They should demand full transparency and accountability. It shouldn't end with the BID or RFP posting. We should know why none of those contracts have been awarded yet.

We should know what the hold up is. What all the secrecy is about? You hold a bid/rfp process but don't award the contract for months... That sounds...well is fishy. I guess they have to make sure they get it right or perhaps the feds or IG might come knockin'.

Has anyone thought maybe if we run Muppet and crew out of town it might open some doors to really move this City forward....

Anonymous said...

You gotta admit it's funny: CTO position applied for via snail mail. They oughta make applicants send in their resume in HTML.

Anonymous said...

I'm applying.

Anonymous said...

Somebody definitely knows something out there. I am not sure if it's at the LTC but the anon#1 makes a good point. We need to know more about these institutions that either encourage or do nothing to discourage cronyism in govt.

Greg Meffert and his "peeps" aren't the first but they definitely figured out a way to borderline or circumvent the law. Either that or the conspiracy between the White House and Nagin has some legs.

While blogging is good you really have to understand the history and role of all the institutions involved. Let's face it. The FBI guy - Berazanni (sp?) was right. Cronyism is so deeply rooted you have to dig into the institutions that provide a framework for corruption. Kudos to Ashley for joining the LTC...probably won't make it to the board of directors but it's a start.

Unknown said...

Man, is it not illegal or fraud for Greg Meffert to claim credit for and push products developed in the City of New Orleans while he was CTO. He also references a system called Intelliport CMS. This was the system Imagine Software owner Scott Domke pirated and called his own. It's currently what the City's piece of shit website is running on.

There has to be something illegal here. I bet 'ol Greggy Boy told Anthony Jones to sit tight. After his two years is up he will make Anthony Jones the best-looking CTO in the country.;-)

Anonymous said...

you guys have no idea how off base and retarded this site has become. It would be funny if it wasnt so bitter..even I know Anthony hates mefert. I dont care for either of them, but you guys are really freakin clueless now...used to like this site.