Monday, September 03, 2007

Seeking someone with a conscience

If there is anyone out there who works within Entergy or who is aware of any fraud being committed within the escalation of meter readings or estimates, artificially inflated rate increases, unethical energy trading practices, illegal payments or gifts to politicians, etc. I beg you to come forward and tell us what you know.

This city is going to die if we continue to be exploited....if you care about it, please help expose the truth.

Remember...whistleblowers are heroes....snitchin' is bitchin'.

Anonymous or me at

UPDATE 1: Check this out : HT G-Girl

UPDATE 2: Stop whatever you're doing....take 15 minutes and read this: ENTERGY: HOLDING NEW ORLEANS RANSOM HT G-Girl

UPDATE 3: An Entergy manager charged with taking a bribe from a subcontractor to push 350k in contracts to a company which then billed $114k in phony contracts. HT G-Girl


Anonymous said...

These were dropped onto my Blog today as comments on a short rant about Entergy I wrote a few months back.

Anonymous said...

from the TP:

Bicyclemark said...

Here's a good place where the leaks are housed, not sure if you've ever seen it -

maybe the potential whistle blower could use that as the platform to do his/her duty to the public.