Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm skeptical of this one

Feds probe Una Anderson bribery allegation

It's certainly within the realm of possibility....but I find it dubious. I'd say 10:1 she's indicted. Her hubby, Dave, is a little greasy, but I don't buy this. However if she did do it...they're gonna crucify her lilly white arse.

This stuff is getting really fun...I'm seriously thinking about doing odds on every politician in the metro area.


oyster said...

Do it!

Anonymous said...

Re: the Unabomb, the other shoe dropped with that Heaton pills thing. (In the TP last week.)

Note Heaton's connection to Bill Hines, father of Walker Hines. Walker Hines, who isn't mentioned in the story, is in a runoff for District 95 with Una Anderson.

So let me spell it out here:

1. Hines & Son arrange the "Una bribed by Pampy Barre" hit.

2. Una & Co. arrange this proxy hit on Heaton, who parties with Hines. A warning sign, "you wanna hit? We can hit back."

3. Just watch for the next shoe to drop!

What we are seeing here is politics fought out Mafia-style. Will it just be "information" hits, or will it progress to real hits? Or maybe just some jail sentences. That's my kind of greatest hit when it comes to dirty politicos. Stay tuned, poli-crime junkies!