Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Damn...somebody turned off the lights

Theriot don't play:

State Funds Cut Off To New Orleans


Anonymous said...

Speaking of lights... it was hard to miss even in cursory readings regarding the public housing chess match that the primary beneficiary of going from the old projects to new "mixed income" developments is the energy companies. Here in Nola, that would be your pet, Entergy, but elsewhere in America where the debate also is waging, I suspect the same.

The "poor" seem to be having some trouble, once moved out of projects into the new developments, in paying their utility bills (which were previously included with the units). Considering how high those have become in, say, the past decade minus three, it seems another government/utility bit of handholding is going on, seeing as how payments were capped under the old structure and system.

Anonymous said...

I remember when the Council was begging the City Officials to please pretty please get the audit done on time.

You know what..I think they are just too damm dumb