Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I wish i would have articulated this...

Civil spaces before housing spaces

In the end, this isn’t about buildings — it’s about people. It’s about the reasons why people can’t afford housing. It’s about the failure of the free market to care for the less-advantaged losers in a winner-take-all system, and identifying what the appropriate public policy solution is to address that failure.

Fo' true...so fo' true. god this a great post.


Anonymous said...

Wet Bank, who, it so happens, is the one who got me started on all this NOLA blog stuff in the first place, has a similar piece here:

http://wetbankguide.blogspot.com (post of 12/15; he's not set up to link to individual posts).

First thing he's done about current events in quite some time. Well worth a click.

D-BB said...

And your point?

Jason Brad Berry said...

my point is that it was a great post...maybe you should try reading.

Anonymous said...

So New York seems to be doing pretty well. We should get their murder program and apply it here.

D-BB said...

Well hell, don't get your freakin' bowels in an uproar. You think I didn't read that?

Well, I didn't know I was suppose to read that long post.

So ok, I read it. What he saying?

By the way, you really a freakin' Zombie?