Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh so ugly

Prediction: The Dow will drop to 10200 points before this day is done. This is gonna be really, really, nasty. It may get so nasty they will have to close trading before the bell.

I ain't sayin' you should stock up on canned goods just yet....but I would bet the only people doing business tomorrow will be the bars off Wall Street.


oyster said...

A fifteen percent drop? Yikes. I think the market will endure a pretty nasty haircut tomorrow, but nothing of that magnitude. People are expecting an extremely nasty day tomorrow, so I doubt a true "crash" will occur. But, I'm definitely thorougly bearish.

Remember, the Plunge Protection Team are on hand if/when things get dicey.

Anonymous said...

No Zombie rant on the audit of city hall? Check out the article. Looks like lots of funny business going on by the sound of the horribly failed audit.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I was being dramatic....before the month is done. The cumulative drop in Japan and India is already right at that over a two week period.