Monday, February 18, 2008

This should be fun has issued a 100k challenge to Larry Sinclair, the guy who claims Obama had sex with him and smoked crack. Sinclair has agreed to take a polygraph test on camera and will post the results.

Larry Sinclair Accepts $100,000 Polygraph Challenge


oyster said...

Uh oh.

This ain't fun for Obama.

If Sinclair "passes", this will be news, and perhaps break into the MSM. If he "fails", the news of the test failure will actually only help in the long run. In the short run it could hurt Obama by making more people aware of the (discredited) story. And since Sinclair is unlikely to fail all of it, then partial "news" can be made.

Anonymous said...

I think it's very telling that he's being paid $10,000 (plus RT ticket and hotel) whether he passes or not. There's really zero risk to Sinclair, as his personal integrity is worth much, apparently.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I meant to say that his personal integrity is not worth much ...

Clay said...

Couldn't give less of a crap about this "news" story.

Here's what I'm interested in:

Iranian Oil Bourse opens...on the same day oil closes above $100 for the first time ever.


Jason Brad Berry said... we go.

Anonymous said...

i think sinclair is confused. this is the legislator he had sex with: doh.