Thursday, February 07, 2008

Only in New Orleans

...can the owner of a trash company become a rock star.

All politics aside, I have to tip my hat to Sidney Torres....SDT absolutely kicks ass. Since they took over the Quarter, it has been cleaner than downtown Covington. They have guys running around at all hours of the day in those golf cart things making sure the streets are clean. Their fleet of vehicles looks like it was designed by Boeing.

It's really amazing to watch...a company with a city contract that actually takes pride in their job....what an anomaly.

So I have an idea, let's deputize every member of Torres' team, give them 9 mm's and let them patrol the whole frikkin' city. If this guy can fix our trash problem, let's see what he can do for our crime problem.

The next time you're in da Quatahs and you see an SDT employee...thank them. They may be the most positive thing to happen to the city since the storm.


Anonymous said...

My kudos as well to Sidney and his crew! My question is how long can SDT afford to maintain this level of service while getting paid 25-30% less than his bid price? On the first year of the contract SDT agreed to forgo the full amount of his bid as a learning curve. This year, Assclowns White and Nagin budgeted millions less than the contract price for the French Quarter cleanup. When will the dust-up happen? NBA Allstar weekend? French Quarter Fest? Decadence Fest? Whitie only have so much buried in the back yard...

Anonymous said...

When his float rolled by during Orpheus, I screamed, "Sidneeeeeey, sexiest garbageman alive, throw me something, throw me you!"

Is he really as short as I think he is?

My husband gave a really nice set of beads to an SDT garbageman on Bourbon the other day and I gave him a big smile. Poor guy has to deal with crap being dumped everywhere by the tourists, he deserves nice treatment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...someone who actually got something done, who actually made good on a promise...this can't last or people might start to expect this sort of thing.

Contract that smells worse than the garbage aside, Richards disposal in my neck of the woods has been a huge improvement over Waste (mis)Management.

And, Maitri, he is that short.