Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brother can you spare a Euro?

Just how bad is it? I would normally cherish the opportunity to be in Amersterdam, but you better have a pocket full of euros instead of dollars or you're screwed. Many currency outlets are turning Americans and their dollars away in fear that the notes may be worth nothing any day now.

Dollars tough to sell on streets of Amsterdam

(Dollar niet meer welkom in Amsterdam No translation, but listen to the Americans interviewed)

I think it may be time to take the secession issue seriously.

Louisiana can print it's own currency....let's call it the Boudreaux...Huey Long can grace the 1.


Anonymous said...

The Boudreaux???

I used to war-game this kind of stuff when I was down there, usually rather late at night. Guess I was just slightly ahead of my time... my currency (for New Orleans rather than La. as a whole) was -- the doubloon. There are, of course, already many, many designs out there to choose from.

Banzai Bill said...

We still have the mint in New Orleans ;) Secession is the answer :)

E said...

I hate this. I want my money back. I can't stand it that travel is becoming less accessible. I need it!