Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Careful...Pikachu may be behind you

My seven year old is all in to the Pokemon thing.

I have no idea why. It's horribly confusing to a 30-something who grew up on Scooby Doo, Lincoln Logs, and Big Wheels.

Regardless, he loves Pokemon and all the expensive shit that comes with it.

So I figured it's a good way for me to teach him how to use Google and search the web. He's incredibly tech savvy...I think it's genetic.

Anyhoo, I was searching for Pokemon sites myself and came up with this gem which I just had to share.

Real Pokemon Believers

Yes....there is actually a group of people out there that believes Pokemon (is it Pokemons or Pokemon as plural?) are real.

I guess its not much different than this , but it still gave me a gut check on what my kid could be exposed to on the internet.

Ah, parenting in the digital age.....and my parents think they had it hard with MTV.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, my parenting (or at least the hands on portion thereof) came and went before Pokemon (mostly). But, I just had to tell you that someone accessed my blog this morning by googling (exactly): "who is" "ashe dambala"

I'm just saying. Not sure which Ashe Dambala they were looking to identify, but I'm guessing it was you, rather than the, well, whatever he is (diety?).

Peace, darlin'.

Jason Brad Berry said...

tell them....I'm a snake god. :)

I know my anonymity is safe in the hands of my fellow bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Well, they didn't stop and say hi. I just saw the stats. Next time, if they do speak, I'll tell them you're the snake God. I don't imagine they found much in their search. Heh.

Jason Brad Berry said...

oh...those guys. yeah.

don't worry.

i google that question myself all the time.

it could have been me.


Jason Brad Berry said...

yet i remain