Wednesday, April 02, 2008

goddamn the world tonight

we lost a hero today.

i'm at a loss for words.


LatinTeacher said...

me too.

oyster said...

He was a hero, and words seem so paltry now-- totally insufficient at a time like this.

Anonymous said...

Through early '06, I was posting on a rebuilding board under the name "Ignatius J. Reilly". It seems that Ash, too, identified with the large, erudite, unpredictable New Orleans icon.

At one point, he challenged me to a Lucky Dog eating contest when I got back to town, with Ignatius bragging rights going to the winner.

Had he only known, he could easily have rigged the contest (he did have Florida ties, after all) by having the evil condiment known as mustard squirted on the Lucky Dogs. Final score: Ash 10 or so, Kama about one-tenth. Yuck!

Now, however, it appears that I have won by default. Before my valve flares up again, or Mom's broiled wine bottle explodes in my face, let me just say that my worthy opponent taught be everything I know about how to deal with "A Confederacy of Fuckmooks".

Yours, Ignatius

Anonymous said...

Just a little pat on the back, 'cause I reckon this is pretty hard on you. It's a force of nature that we've lost. Lots o' sadness. Take good care, darlin'.

Anonymous said...

How did he pass away? What happened?