Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yes...Zombies do have testicles

anonymous said...
Dambala, you have no idea how far off the facts you are now. I dont even like meffert but even I know he and camera guys split long ago, and meffert doesnt even probably know the baton rouge police chief.
you guys just keep bitterly jumping on old graves.
I remember when this stuff had at least some fun and fact in it. Just had to say it even though I know you dont have the balls to post this

8:12 AM

Anonymous...let's get something straight....I don't have any personal vendettas against anyone. If someone is grafting public cash, or even supsected of it, I'm gonna air it out. This blog, is in part, a sounding board for public corruption. Read it at your own risk....or don't read it at all...I don't give two shits to Buddha either way. 

Now...if you have anything to add other than piss and vinegar...please feel free to do so. Otherwise, fuck off and go comment on Nola.com.

As to speculation about the current CTO, Anthony Jones....An anon offers this:

>>>> Written on March 10, 2008


As it was reported by myself and bloggers on Zombie, Anthony Jones has to be laughing all the way to the bank along with some other executives. What's makes Anthony Jones story so intriguing is the great lengths the Nagin Administration is going to keep someone who according to City Hall sources is completely incompetent and has done a miserable job as the City's technology leader.

When I was made aware of this site by a friend, I combed through all the archives and read everything relating to Technology and City Hall. Interesting enough some anons alluded to the possible connection between Meffert and Anthony Jones. Now the 160K question is who has an interest in Mr. Jones retaining a position he is not qualified for and has performed poorly at. He are some thoughts, questions and observations:

> It appeared from the Gordon Russell article that the City is holding the CTO position for Anthony Jones until completes his bachelor's degree. If this is the case, why?

I am familiar with at least one candidate for the job. He has over 25 years of experience. A master's degree. And was the CIO for a large state. Somehow in New Orleans the guy pursuing a bachelors degree from the University of Phoenix is the top candidate. Nothing against the University of Phoenix.

I wonder if the City or Nagin has considered the negative opinion and perception this creates in the rest of the nation and world. Technology should be the most non-political position in any administration. How can the City create a branding as a technology magnet when the City of New Orleans top job is being handed to a non-qualified, poorly performing incompetent. Don't mean to be so harsh on Mr. Jones but I have to call it like it is. My colleagues and their colleagues are flooding me with email and phone calls. Basically asking "are you ready to move back to Philly?"

> Is Anthony Jones keeping the seat warm for Greg Meffert?

Many people have rumored on this site and other venues about the eventual return of Greg Meffert to City Hall as a contractor. While I couldn't fathom why Mr. Meffert would consider returning to City Hall in any fashion let alone as a contractor, it's pretty common knowledge among City Hall staffers that Anthony Jones is not capable of making decisions independently. Many believe Greg Meffert is the man behind the curtain and will save Anthony, Nagin and the City.

> What is Nagin's interest in keeping Anthony Jones on the job and basically looking over well qualified candidates?

At some point, this question has to be in the back of everyone's mind. My understanding is Nagin still holds a great deal of admiration and respect for Greg Meffert. Could Greg be convincing Nagin to hold on the Anthony since Greg is controlling Anthony? Is there some bigger master plan where the City of New Orleans is used as a launching pad for a new technology venture that may include Nagin and Meffert teaming together in the Nagin post City Hall days? Since Anthony Jones reports to Brenda Hatfield, it would be good if Gordon could get a response or interview re: Anthony Jones' performance during the interim period. Probably won't happen since she is the closest confidant of Nagin.

> Did Mr. Jones lie about his academic credentials?

In an article with City Business, dated March 12, 2007 (http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4200/is_20070312/ai_n18714141), the author list Mr. Jones education credentials as "bachelor's degree in business management, University of Phoenix" It didn't list that the degree was in progress. Did Mr. Jones lie to the author in an effort to conceal his lack of credentials? Or did the City Business and it's author agree to list the credentials that way. My sources tell me Mr. Meffert is pretty cozy with City Business.

> Lastly, why does a CIO (interim or permanent) have a myspace account and refer to himself as "Chocolate from down South"

Some may think this is a low blow but this link was sent by a City Hall anon who confirmed the office background is indeed Mr. Jones office at City Hall. I have not seen Mr. Jones office so I wouldn't know. If it is, I am curious to know if Mr. Jones finds it appropriate to use pictures in his official capacity to solicit "personal relationships".

I find this relevant because although my space social networking sites are popular among all age groups, creating a handle such as the one Mr. Jones has and using pics of you in your official capacity indicates Mr. Jones mindset is still in undergraduate school.


Anonymous said...

Jones = Meffert. Unequivocal truth. I worked with them both and know the score. There were no fewer than three better candidates for the CTO role in Jan of '08 - none were hired. Go figure.

Insiders say the AJ has been or soon will be asked to resign. Let's see how THAT goes...

Clay said...

Great to see AZ back in action!

The Myspace page is a nice touch. I wonder if there is such a thing as Jailspace? Maybe Meffert and crew can set it up. You know, prison porn.

Anonymous said...

I already have a bachelor's degree. It even says "Computer Science" on it, albeit in the form of "Psychology (Computer Science track)". And, it's from a well-reputed, if little known, institution in New Haven, CT called "Yale": the first, and possibly only (they later changed the name) degree of its kind awarded there.

Plus, a few years later, I minored in the most important subject of all, "New Orleans-ology". So what's the holdup?

KamaAina for CTO. The Next Best Thing.