Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eloquent...but futile

I love Bill Moyers. His interview with Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth transformed my vision of life itself. He is uncompromising in his journalistic ethics and his writing, can at times, be poetry.

He is also irrelevant.

If there was ever an article I've read which amplifies the death throes of our democracy...this is it:

Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column?

That was beautiful Bill....but no one cares. We will all move lethargically into the corrale staring blankly at the fat ass in front of us, without question or concern.

In today's America, Moyers is just some asshole who thinks too much. Had he been born 200 years earlier, he may well have been conferring with Jefferson, Franklin (especially Franklin) and Adams to forge the daring and noble path this country set upon.

In 100 years I'd like to think that Tony Snow would be nothing more than a footnote to a dark chapter in our country's history and that Bill Moyers would be remembered as a true patriot and hero. History, however, is written by those who win and to those tyrants who have won this country, parrots are much more noble than eagles.


Mark Folse said...

First: The dominant media are dead as a Fourth Estated.

Next: The viability of the new media as a viable Fourth Estate requires net neutrality on the architectural (my ISP talks to your ISP regardless of content) as well as in consideration of the impact of platform ownership (who owns Google, Yahoo, etc.) where that could result in censorship.

Nothing short of insurrection is going to rescue the old media. They are gelded bulls, and no magic is going to put them back to what they were before.

The question is: how do we move forward to 1) protect the advances in the new media and 2) grow new media that have the same widespread impact as CNN or FoxNEWS (I refuse to seperate Fox and the other part of that into two words. New and FoxNEWS are two seperate things. FoxNEWS is the new benchmark for ideological infotainment that everyone is racing to get to in the old media.

mominem said...

seem to recall Bil Moyers once had he job Tony Snow had. Bill just outlived it, unfortunately Tony didn't.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Snow was a tool. At least McClellan found his integrity and came clean.