Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fo' true

anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but this doesn't seem to getting the same types of updates as before.

I am new to this forum and really enjoyed reading and understanding about the corruption in Nola. I spent alot of time reading all of the archives and was gripped because I know people that worked for the city hall during Katrina and I have heard these names of companies and people often.

However we have alot going on right now and haven't heard any updates about the issues that affect the city directly.

Not that I won't check back from time to time, but the coverage of New Orleans is what brought me here and kept me here. If that's gone, I won't be around much longer.

The answer to that is yes and the reason why is because I have a life I have to attend to. I am travelling non stop with my career and I just haven't been able to put the time into this site that I used to. So read it if you want...otherwise there are other folks keeping up with things better than me.....here, here, here, and here for starters.

Further complaints can be filed with my superior.

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Anonymous said...

What do you mean, "you have a life to attend to"? You're a zombie, dammit! If anything, you have an undeath to attend to!!!
See you somwhere under the ground...