Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And while we're on the subject of politicians

Here's my favorite Louisiana politician.


Don is the schnizzel. If you've ever met him face to face you will immediately know he's good people. While most Dems in the state continually shun the "progressive" title, i.e. Mary L. telling us she stood against her is Cazayoux calling for alternative energy investment. I think he's the true leader of the progressive platform in Louisiana...if there is one.

"taking on" just feels a lot better than "stood against"


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Anonymous said...

You've been suckered.

Note that he's calling for offshore drilling--because he's been bribed by the oil companies. That "alternative energy" line is just a feel-good sop to the gullible. It's a classic bait and switch.

Of course, "the Cazz" (as I hereby dub him) is too dishonest to admit that more offshore drilling isn't going to make a damn bit of difference as far as dependence on foreign oil is concerned. We're talking drops in the bucket.

the Cazz is a bought & paid for oil company shill.