Thursday, August 21, 2008

Perhaps...i am a misinformed fool

...also known as getting up to speed.

oyster has left a new comment on your post "While we're on the subject of Landrieu":

Let's please note that YRHT readers were the first to learn that Jay Howser was running Landrieu's campaign. (I broke that news weeks before it was reported -- no one cared at the time.)

Of course I care now...kudos.

He's pretty damn sharp, and while the net outreach isn't as comprehensive and overt as it could be, there is a coordinated, subterranean effectiveness to it. The latest poll (which is no doubt an outlier) has Mary up by 16. Heck, given Landrieu's history and given that she's the lonely Dem target for the GOP this season, it will be pretty damn impressive if she wins by a comfortable four or five point margin, which is entirely possible at this point. The ads you saw were response ads that Kennedy made. As anon informed you, they certainly weren't the initial ads during her re-election campaign.

Yeah....i'm realizing that i'm way behind on this. I guess i just want to know why I'm way behind. I'm obviously in a secluded environment.

I still maintain there's no excuse for the net outreach. This election is national....we need to be attracting national response for her. Why aren't they making it easy for us? No shit....why aren't they making that easy?

UPDATE: Ok so now they are making it easy:


God i love the internet

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E said...

jeez, you get everything you want!

Ask for a Mary Landrieu/NOLA blogger campaign event and see what happens.

They might even provide refreshments.