Friday, August 22, 2008

Jim Cramer has completely lost his mind

Why? Because he's telling us the truth. Yes folks, the market is rigged.

Shocked? If you really want to go down the Rabbit Hole....:

Deep Capture


Clay said...

You know, I find the most amazing thing about this whole mess is how effective the banks shuffling monies from one "window" to another has been at keeping banks afloat.

Any objective analysis would have pointed to more bank failures than we've had so far. Amazing bandaids have stemmed the bleeding (but with serious effects showing).

Slowly, we'll see the weakest banks fail.

PS- Got another one to add to the list: Colombian Bank (Midwest - Not coke dealers {at least as far as I know})

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah i was reading implode today. I think Wachovia is going over the edge. How the public reacts to that will be more than interesting to watch.

Good to see you and your lady this weekend. Hope your doin' well.