Tuesday, August 19, 2008

While we're on the subject of Landrieu

Can someone tell me who the hell is running Mary Landrieu's campaign? Or better yet, can someone tell me if there is one? I think she must have hired the same folks who ran Hillary's train wreck.

I say this because I heard the first radio ad today (I was beginning to wonder if they were even going to start) which spent the entire 30 seconds countering Kennedy's allegations that she wasn't "drilling friendly". So they come right out of the gate on their goddamn heels. If they are already parrying at the outset of this race....I worry. To make matters worse....get this....one of the lines in the script says, "...She stood against her party". Wonderful....what genius thought that would be a good idea?

The fact is, she has done a hell of a job, especially since Katrina (- the sobfest in the helicopter with Stephanapolous). As much as I hate to say it... I think both of our Senators have done a good job since the storm...for all his personal faults, Vitter did step up to the plate in Post-K.

It seems to me, the first thing her campaign should do is remind the people of this state of her performance in the past 3 years. That's self evident to me....you have to remind the people of the job she's done. If you are an incumbent...and successful....you run on your record, your history, and your knowledge. This allays people's fear...and fear is the prime mover of the human psyche.

The next thing they should do is ask the people of this state if they think it's a good idea to have two republicans representing this state in the Senate while the rest of the nation has swung to the left....that, to me....is THE platform. I honestly think that was the reason she came back from near death in her last election to defeat Terrell...the voters of this state aren't as dumb as what the campaign brain trusts believe them to be...they understand the national political winds affect our local climate as well. If Obama wins, the last thing we need are republicans holding the top three political posts in our state.

The attack strategy is even easier....Kennedy is a wishy-washy little bitch who will run to any party to advance his own career....he's a political snake, not a leader. Nobody likes a snake (except for a snake god of course).

Instead they come out with a radio spot that touts her "...standing against her own party."

Brilliant....I wonder who is getting paid to come up with stupid shit like that.

UPDATE: Damn I finished this post and it was bothering me so much I had to come back.

So here's another thing...why the hell has she not solicited the help of the liberal blogosphere in LA? Why don't I have an embed code on my blog to donate to her campaign? More importantly...why does Oyster not have an embed code for her on his blog? Who the hell is running her campaign? Have they not heard of the internet?

See this guy from Possum Fart, Kansas? He has raised over 100k in donations from a brilliant cartoon series he created online to explain his beliefs and platform.

Internet Cartoon Pays Off For Kansas Candidate

Every Democrat in the country knows she is vulnerable in this election and every democrat in the country wants her to win. NEWSFLASH: THEY WILL DONATE ONLINE!!!! Her campaign needs to utilize local, liberal bloggers to get the message out there that we need help and contributions to win. I mean, Jesus, did this not even occur to them?

If anyone from Landrieu's campaign is reading this....wake the fuck up....she's going to lose if you don't. I'm only bitching so much because I care.

Ok...I think I'm finished...but I may come back and rant some more in a few minutes.

UPDATE 3: Well..I stand somewhat corrected. Someone (i'm sure someone who i offended) just sent me these ads, which are pretty damn good. I guess my question is why the fuck haven't I seen them? It also doesn't excuse the "...stood against her party" quip.


Anonymous said...





And 4 weeks later, she is up by 16 points!

Jason Brad Berry said...

Ah well....I stand corrected...someone is thinking in that camp. those are great ads. Why the fuck haven't I seen them? I guess I'm watching the wrong media.

And by the way...why am i just seeing these online? I fucking live online.

Anonymous said...

Mary's campaign is HQed on Canal Blvd in Lakeview.

I stopped by for a visit and looks like it is run by the usual cute blonds and Norma Jean.

You should get in touch with them.

Jason Brad Berry said...

From what I've heard of Norma Jean she's too arrogant to listen to anyone talk but herself.

oyster said...

Let's please note that YRHT readers were the first to learn that Jay Howser was running Landrieu's campaign. (I broke that news weeks before it was reported -- no one cared at the time.)

He's pretty damn sharp, and while the net outreach isn't as comprehensive and overt as it could be, there is a coordinated, subterranean effectiveness to it. The latest poll (which is no doubt an outlier) has Mary up by 16. Heck, given Landrieu's history and given that she's the lonely Dem target for the GOP this season, it will be pretty damn impressive if she wins by a comfortable four or five point margin, which is entirely possible at this point. The ads you saw were response ads that Kennedy made. As anon informed you, they certainly weren't the initial ads during her re-election campaign.