Saturday, September 27, 2008

oh gee....everybody act shocked and incensed

City's crime camera contract exposed

i don't have the energy or time to even comment on this shit anymore....except to the asshole anon who kept denying that Jones wasn't Kurt and Meffert's him I say:

go fuck yourself

now watch very everyone bitches and nothing happens.

oh...and i'm sure Nagin didn't know. they issued an RFP for this...awarded it to another company...retracted it because that company "didn't fill out it's paperwork" correctly....then the whole thing disappeared. why? because they were dishing out cash to Ciber the whole fucking time.

and let's not forget, Muppet's new company Logistix.....does what? yeah, yeah....installs crime cameras.

3 million dollars...same old shit, different day. nagin pays off all his buds, tears down half the fucking city, and everything stays in the same shitty mess it's always been.

i'm gonna stop...because it's just too damn depressing.

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Anonymous said...

The thing I found most interesting is the article said the new guy is conducting a forensic audit. The funny thing can anyone conduct a forensic audit when all the cronies that Anthony Jones put in place are still there.

Muppet and crew is still there behind the scenes. Hence the political oped in today's paper about the public kiosk. Surprised Muppet sold cameras...well guess what?

HE SELLS PUBLIC KIOSKS TOO!!! Check out Ask Bruce Eggler if the kiosks look familiar?