Wednesday, November 12, 2008

let's connect the dots...

Clearer picture sought on cameras

- Earlier this year, Head said a crime camera installer was operating without a license and filing invoices that appeared to overcharge the city. When she asked Tuesday about the status of that contractor, LSI Research of Huntsville, Ala., Boyd said it has been replaced. LSI was hired by Boyd's predecessor, Anthony Jones, who was demoted in August.

LSI was sub'd through Ciber

CIBER Provides SWPA With Wide Variety of Technical and Professional Support Services

Feds tell e-voting testing companies to watch their images

- SysTest doesn't contribute to political parties, but Ciber does - mostly to Republicans, the Denver Post found.

New Orleans is a DBA, who woulda thunk it?

CIBER Voting Machine Test Lab Failures is 'Old News' Known by Top Election Officials for Years

The Ciber Report? The EAC Now Admits It Really Exists

oh fuck it...just go here...

CIBER Granted Voting System Testing Accreditation

Ciber aiming to again test voting systems

- Ciber’s division testing software in Huntsville, Ala., at the time was the largest among a small group of testing labs qualifying voting systems.

New Orleans crime camera contract exposed

sorry for all the links, but i don't have time to do the leg work. suffice to say i'm curious how many of New Orleans precincts were using Diebold machines in our last mayoral campaign. yeah....that's fringe...but i think it's worth throwing it out there.

The Huntsville connection is interesting as well.

i'm sorry i'm not synthesizing this guys....i'm just too damn busy.


E said...

Who has replaced LSI? Who is the new provider of maintenance service at $6000+ per camera per year?

Anonymous said...

I hate to think the new guy could be on the take and I surely have no proof but I recall something revealed when the new technology officer was pressed for answers regarding the camera contracts. He revealed that the IT department was conducting their own audit.

I remember Council Members and the IG saying this was the job of the IG not Technology.

Now, let's look at who would be involved in helping with the audit.
Most of the Meffert/Domke cronies that were immediately under Anthony Jones are still in place under Mr. Boyd according to a City Hall insider. Not to mention that Mr. Jones still retains a Director role and has responsibility for many departments.

It's suspect at least to me that a new guy would decide to keep leadership in place that has proved incompetent and then use the same leadership to assist in an audit of the department.

Perhaps there is a plausible explanation but this is something that makes you go hhmmmm....