Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are your goggles on?

It appears my Manhattan project may be unfolding from the ground up. I guess that's how its supposed to happen....a chain reaction.

Mayor Ray Nagin's 2008 e-mails deleted in violation of records law

After reading that....please acknowledge mookietoos comment immediately following the article:

Posted by mookietoo on 02/17/09 at 6:01PM
Those emails can be recovered. You cannot delete anything from a hard drive. A skilled forensic person can retrieve them. Wouldn't you just love to see some of those? Stacy, I hope you're paying attention to this one!

How right you are Mookie! If I was a betting man...I would say they have already been recovered.

And if one did desire to recover that information....the administration actually published a memo on May 13, 2008 detailing the proper procedure:

the germane item:

3.6 Recovering Deleted Email via Backup Media or re-managing for data recovery or Forensic reasons.
City of New Orleans maintains backup tapes from the email server and once a quarter a set of tapes is
taken out of the rotation and they are moved offsite. No effort will be made to remove email from the offsite backup tapes. If data is needed for business continuity or Forensics the City State or Local government must designate a representative to re-manage the suspect account maintaining a strict chain-of-custody on said documents until the needs of the city our met

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