Monday, February 23, 2009

If I could get inside one man's head right now... would be Dennis Kucinich. Why? Bcause I believe he is the only one who actually has an inkling of what's going on behind the scenes of our self-imposed, financial meltdown. He is like a bloodhound right now...he's locked on to the scent of a massive, international conspiracy and he's not going to stop until he finds the truth or gets killed trying. Listen to this new allegation regarding the unfolding, Stanford ponzi scheme:

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For those of you who may not be aware of this or may not believe it....our entire economy is absolutely dependent on the illegal flow of drugs. From Afghanistan to Columbia....Opium to Coca....nearly every major financial institution on the planet is, in some way, compliant in the drug trade. While you're not going to find that information readily available through MSM resources....the information is out there:


One amazing fact from this PBS Frontline documentary: The Treasury Dept. estimated that over 80% of the hard currency (paper money) of the country was in South Florida in the late 80's.



and then just keep looking....the info is out there.

Just how entwined with and more importantly, dependent upon, the illegal drug trade are our international financial institutions? I'm actually afraid of the answer to that question. But if this unholy union unravels, I think things are going to get incredibly ugly.

But back to this video of him grilling Kashkari:

...notice his comments on National City Bank being the target of short sellers. What he's referring to is "Naked Short Selling" or "Phantom Stock". What's happening right now is certain banks are becoming the target of a vast, Wall Street conspiracy called Naked Shorting. At ground zero of this conspiracy is none other than CNBC....who is the de facto crystal ball for the market. If you look hard enough at the MSM's coverage of the financial meltdown you can find hints and innuendo of this in point, this recent Frontline documentary, Banking on the Brink. If you understand CNBC's role in naked shorting, you can clearly read between the lines as to what happened to Bear Stearns and Lehman. Just how deep does the Naked Short rabbit hole go....well, try this one out for starters.

What's most interesting about the issue is that we have no idea who all is actually involved...Paulson, Kashkari...even Bernanke...members within the SEC....who knows? And now some unnamed government agency told the SEC to stand down on their investigation of Stanford? Unbelievable.

I have read rumors that National City Bank...which is now a PNC asset...was specifically targeted because they were a Cleveland bank and in Kucinich's district. Note how Kashkari deflects Kucinich's implication by saying, "I grew up in Northeast Ohio...". I'm sure Kucinich was thinking, "So what you little prick...your ass now belongs to Wall Street."

Kucinich knows something we don't....and I would love to find out what it is.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, don't always agree with you, but I love your intensity and quality of information.

This is a copy of a letter I have sent to several news organizations, that I am thoroughly convinced the ultimate outcome will be a temporary relief of blood pressure.

I appreciate the links and references provided in your story, this is the REAL STORY people need to pay attention to, not the tax raises, or the latest Obama speech or the latest talking point from the right. These people need to be ruined and at a minimum put in jail with the Enron and Worldcom boys. I would easily sign a petition to let an equal number of pot heads out of jail and replace them with the "white collar" crooks.


My apologies for the length beforehand...I was digging around on the internet trying to find updates on what the SEC was doing after the whistle blower testified before Congress about Madoff and his subsequent exposure of Stanford.

I kept seeing these comments about how Naked Short Selling was the cause of the collapse not the mortgages. Once I started seeing a pattern of these references, I kept digging and digging until I found several sources that helped me understand how incredibly illegal, immoral, unethical and greedy the major power funds/brokers on Wall Street truly are and how broken our system truly is.

I'm not a boy scout that only views life in black and white and I've been in business long enough to know compromises and preferential treatment are made to some over others. My parents taught me that life isn't fair, but this is beyond not fair, it's the ultimate corruption and no one wants to do a %*^# thing about it.

Here are the links I used in researching this topic:
• This is a very good hours worth of your time to understand Naked Short Selling
• This will keep you up at night if you review the following links within this site:
 Note: see his blogs on
 The Entire NSS Mess Explained In One Hour - A Primer
 Take on Subrime Meltdown:

I have a number of other sources but these really are some of the better ones for a layman that only understands how to check his 401k and hopes he's in the right mutual fund.

My take on the stimulus package, TARP 1 & 2, not too mention the additional money that has yet to be asked for is this:
• These bastards printed fake stock they didn't own or intend to own and ran this scam as long as they could. All of it was a ponzi scheme, not just the Madoff and Stanfords, they are just the most obvious.
• They've been using short sales to kill or drive down businesses as they see fit with the counterfeit stock. Only when everyone started cashing in because of the mortgage crisis did the brokers or funds have to start producing these shares. Once they couldn't produce them, it all fell apart.
• Enter the government. They can't let Morgan, AIG, etc fail, so they loan them 400 billion to loosen up the credit market, BUT the banks use it start buying competitors.
• They had ZERO intention for the first loan to loosen up credit, they wanted the mergers so the parent company could discharge the debt or the stocks that were failed to deliver (counterfeit stocks).
• This is another reason the foreclosures are stalling because no one knows who owns the loan. Because they repackaged and sold the loan so many times, no one really owns it and no one can produce it.
I understand, this isn't just the U.S., this is any international scam and we are just one of the big players. I don't care. They have the resources to track all of these counterfeit stocks, they publish the companies that are affected but don't publish the responsible parties that have not delivered the stock as promised. Get this, its because it might provide people into investment strategies of the brokers. I would REALLY like to know if my fund/broker's investment strategy is to utilize illegal methods to make me money. I will take my business to someone else or keep it under my mattress.

Anonymous said...

I loved watching Kash-and-Karry's face as Kucinich was speaking. I've always liked Kucinich, and he certainly had his facts and figures ready to go. Loved the "box score" line. My husband and I were just talking about the artificiality of all of this. "Here invest in this stock (or name your derivative) that I really don't have because it's all fluff and air, you know it and I know it, but it'll make us money and no one will be the wiser."

It just gets stranger and stranger.