Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lay your burdens down, Antionette

R.I.P. Widow K-Doe. I'm not sure if I'm not sadder about losing Antionette than I was when we lost Ernie. Either way, the city is a lonelier place today. Although the sun was shining on a beautiful, Mardi Gras day when she took her place with Ernie....can't think of a more eloquent exit.

Here's a short vid clip I have of the Widow K when the Archdiocese was threatening to close down St. Augustine in Treme:

Also, my condolences to the Camel Toe Lady Steppers for losing an irreplaceable leader.

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Anonymous said...

Slate reposted Josh Levin's disquisition on Antoinette today.

It mentions Ernie's posthumous campaign for mayor. My suggested slogan: "Why settle for a mayor who's only dead from the neck up?"