Friday, March 13, 2009

Breaking numero dos

Anthony "bowling pin" Jones' computer was also seized yesterday.

So far they've only found World of Warcraft and Whack a Mole games on it along with 100's of nude pictures of Stacy Head and half finished University of Phoenix exams.

no, just kidding....not about the computer seizure....just the games....oh yeah...and the pictures....those pix are on my, no.....i'm just kidding again.

Actually they found naked pictures of Ernie Fielkow on Vanessa White's computer....and Ray Nagin's.....

btw....does anyone have any nude pix of Helena Moreno?

If you can't have fun with criminal scandals....what good are they?


Anonymous said...

Next week should be fun!

Anonymous said...

I have not confirmed yet but I understand the Mayor's computers were also seized or in a subpoena to be seized. Working the kinks out now.

Anonymous said...

City of Baton Rouge & Netmethods. Rumors are starting to swirl up in Red Stick thanks to New Orleans. The tenticles of technology know no bounds.