Thursday, March 19, 2009

God I hate preachers

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "breaking on the wind...":

The sparks flew about 30 minutes ago when Rev. & Police Officer Dyson went on an all out assault on Stacy Head in the City Council chambers. NOPD had to be brought in to escort him & his large friend out of the building.

Ms Head was routinely threatened by Rev. Dyson during the verbal assault. I worry about her well-being and his mental stability. This Rev. needs some mental help ASAP.

Put that motherfucker in jail and let him rot....rot....rot....rot. What would Jesus do? I guess he'd hurl threats at a woman because she's white. punk ass bitch...if you truly believe what you preach...remember this:

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Anonymous said...

And he's a COP too! A la Berryhill (preacher/cop/activist) and Shelton (preacher/ city IT expert)...