Thursday, March 19, 2009

King Carpetbagger

I would rarely ever, ever, "endorse" anything (not that I have any special endorsement power in the first place). Putting your ass on the line and saying you believe, or don't believe, in something is a very serious choice. So I guess there are very few things I would actually stand up for.

But those things do exist.

Meucci and Predator pool cues, Crabby Jack's Duck Po-Boy, Don Cazayoux, wet toilet paper.....and then of course Dirty Coast and Blake Haney's ventures....yes because he's a friend, but also because most of his experiments are just plain interesting and hip.

One thing I do well, condemnation. And I have a pressing one at the moment.

Go to this website....ONLY to know what it is and avoid it at all costs.

Apparently this carpetbagging, Baton Rougian (ughhhh), Josh Harvey....having no original ideas of his methodically trying to rip off....Haney's business ventures.

Check this out:

Dirty Coast T-shirt designs:

compared to dickwad's designs:

As if that wasn't bad enough....he now opens a store on Magazine (vis-a-vis Dirty Coast store on Magazine) and attempts to copy Haney's Humid Beings venture:

Humid Beings

Fuckmook's venture

You know there's absolutely nothing I hate more than someone north of I-10....actually north of the lake....trying to commercially enterprise on New Orleans culture. This asshole can't even come up with his own ideas.

So the business is located on 2126 Magazine Street.....Do me a favor....when you drive by it, honk your horn and give 'em the one finger salute....I mean every time you drive by. All day long...I hope all they hear and see is a constant stream of horns and birds.


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Feh (interj.)
Indicates disapproval or displeasure.

Anonymous said...

To be clear - disgust with the Carpetbagger, not AZ. (He knows this.)

Jason Brad Berry said...

yes i do....I certainly do.

Leigh C. said...

I hope that Haney is NOT going to be the Philo T. Farnsworth of Nice New Orleans shirts. That would totally, totally suck. Go for the real thing y'all.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

Anybody bankrolled by "folks" from KATY, TEXAS... well, that's all the fuck that I needed to know. Thanks for the heads-up, Dambala, in that rare and unexpected event that I get to come home & visit, much less to stay. Ain't hit that Powerball yet, but you never know...

And re: Katy, TX, surely I'm not the only one who remembers their "townhall" (KLAN) meeting to tell "them Louisiana CRIMINAL TYPES" ('cause Houston ain't NEVER had crime before Katrina, NO SUH!) that they needed to "GO HOME," right? Crackers didn't even LIVE IN HOUSTON, but they appointed themselves sheriffs & deputy dawgs to run the "unwanted newbies" up outta that entire metroplex.

Slightly OT, but just for the fuck of it, FUCK KELLY CLARKSON, TOO, and she can KEEP her ass on the other side of the Sabine, far as I'm concerned:

Y'all just be glad that you're NOT north of I-10 these days, 'cause the next time I see ANOTHER fucking ELL-ESS-YEWWW bastardization of the fleur-de-lis, I swear, there's gonna be some discrepancies up in this bitch. Worse than Elvis or Mormons, they're everywhere. Ain't none of 'em worn by New Orleans NATIVES, no, though one or two might try to claim that MANDEVILLE is the "SAME THING" (gag me with a fuckin' maggot), but the Baton Redneck Republicunt Rougetards have STOLEN the Fleur-de-Lis.

When the same motherfuckers who CHEERED at the television as my people drowned under the Governor Nicholls Street Wharf, suddenly want to WEAR and BRAG ABOUT having appropriated "New Orleans," it makes me wanna snatch the bitches bald-headed.

If & when I ever get the hell home, promise me that you'll give me the postdeluvian tour, Dambala, 'cause at this rate, I won't know Magazine from Race street or Annunciation. I know that the Dungeon is still reigning on Rue Toulouse, but I've lost track of so many, and so much, I don't even wanna KNOW how many uber-caucasian B.R. douchebags have come down there to CARPETbag.

Just somebody, somewhere, please let me know that Henry's Soul Food is still alive & kicking on N. Broad, half a block off Canal? The one on N. Claiborne, I didn't know them, and they couldn't cook like the original by a long shot, but that one on N. Broad was my Sunday Dinner, come rain or shine. Even though they were scraping-by before the genocide, they still donated to my fundraiser for the YWCA Battered Women's Program, and they meant every cent of it.

A Little to the Left said...

Anonymous said...

You realize that picture of the Tiger is by Purple Monkey who works with Dirty Coast and you are hating on it.

Jason Brad Berry said...

yup...i realize that.

Anonymous said...

The Storyville Times site brought up the "attack site" warning on my browser (Firefox). Just to let you know.
Ray M

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Patrick Brower (one half of Dirty Coast) from Baton Rouge?