Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"I was accustomed to George Jetson, and now I'm in Fred Flintstone's world." - Ray Nagin 2002

I want my goddamn flying streetcars!

E-mails show 'wiz' of the Nagin administration was also working to aid former partners

Randy Smith is Muppet's lawyer....awesome....they make a perfect pair.

One suggestion....while you're reading that article, please note all of the failed ventures Muppet was behind and consider the money that was wasted. Thats the real tragedy of this story, all the money, time and resources which were pissed away under the "Wiz" kid's tenure. And this article isn't even half of it...throw in 311, the loss of the interoperability grant from the DOJ....I can't even remember everything now without going back through the blog. It really makes me sick to think about it....I don't have the stomach to actually sift through that shit.

When he hired Muppet, Nagin claimed that he was going to take the city from the Flintstones to the Jetsons.

Now we know....Meffert wasn't George Jetson....he was Wile E. Coyote and Imagine/Netmethods/Ciber was Acme. Nothing they built works.

I just hope Ray Ray doesn't turn out to be the Road Runner and escape this whole fucking mess.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I forgot about the interoperability stuff, too. Forget the money he wasted -- think of the LIVES that could have been saved during and right after Katrina!

Mojofearless said...

Well, when you put it that way, Clancy, it makes my stomach feel all funny - like there are little chunks of rage swirling and threatening to come up in my throat.
You're a verb-slinger with a love for this town and a barrel of ink to boot; don't you hear the City Hall trumpet calling the fourth estate to battle?
Git you some, Mr. Man!

Clay said...

The interoperability of radio communications between first responders was a HUGE failure in Katrina.

Minnesota had its ducks in a row, got the grant, implemented the system and it was crucial in the first few minutes responding to the bridge collapse.


They actually set up an ambulance on a hill overlooking the collapse and directed everyone (police to cordon off the area, firefighters to free people and EMT's to treat the wounded) from that one spot.

All of it was done impromptu from the ground up by brave men and women with the right equipment.

Anonymous said...

Was Meffert in his role when the city refused the LTC's offer to bring in Microsoft FOR FREE to do an assessment of computer needs? Was he the one who told the LTC the city would rather "contract it out"? Read that "get mo money" by spending way more money.

mominem said...

Never take anything from Microsoft for Free, all you'll get is a proposal to sell you a whole bunch of their stuff.

Clay said...

Dammit, Zombie! Now the crime camera on the corner has stopped working. You hurt it's feelings. Don't you know you're killing the recovery?!?!