Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ms. White gets a taste of her own medicine?

I just got an unconfirmed report that the FEDS just confiscated Veronica White's computer from City Hall. Uncomfirmed....I will follow up if I get a confirmation on that.



Anonymous said...

Not only did they seize her computers but a Grand Jury has been convened to formally indict her for at least charges that I am aware of: (1) Obstruction of Justice, (2) Tampering with a Federal Investigation

Anonymous said...

Don't you think the Mayor's emails are still available? I do.

If the city's server administrator simply did a search for the mayor's email address in the headers of all city server email accounts, don't you think thousands of emails would turn up? Certainly he was CC'd in many city server emails or he sent or received emails to/from these city email accounts. Those emails are still there unless they did that search and deleted those emails - which someone working for the city would have noticed and leaked???