Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Honor among thieves

Mayor Nagin: No impropriety in trip to Hawaii with former tech chief

He is pathologically incapable of accepting responsibility for anything. Really. Can anyone recall a moment when this man admitted a mistake? Ever? I mean even Bush admitted he made mistakes.

Not only did he deny any wrongdoing....he actually praised Meffert. Wow. That's not an excited wow...that's an I need a drink wow. While I go do that, I subject you to this god-awful musical analogy:

These guys are really close....maybe too close



people at work look at me like i'm retarded when i tell them i've been reading this story since 2006.

these are the same people who think the folks who comment on nola.com are bloggers.

thank you for making my life in new orleans more informed.

peace cuz, rickngentilly.

Slimbolala said...

That's an "I need several drinks" wow.