Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Indeed...something smells in B.R.

Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW If Kip Holden told the reporter that a RFP was issued through a state contract on this then Mayor Holden has some serious explaining to do. A couple of investigators who are looking into it confirmed to me today that there was in fact NO RFP issued or bidding procedure initiated in the awarding of this contract. Mr. Evans & Jeff LeDuff completely lied to this reporter that a RFP was issued.

Pretty hefty claim. I mean it's not perjury or anything...but if Holden's folks are lying about the RFP, that should come to light in short order.


mominem said...

I wonder if this was the same contract with Dell that Veracent was supplying cameras to New Orleans under. If that's the case then no bid would have been necessary, although also we know from Meffert's deposition there was a problem with Dell selling cameras, although it's possible that Veracent or NetMethods became a subcontractor under some other contract.

Anonymous said...


The media is all over this story in Louisiana. The only paper to not report anything on it has been mysteriously the Advocate.

Jason Brad Berry said...

that's not really too mysterious to me considering what a shitty paper The Advocate is.