Monday, April 06, 2009

Surf's Up!

City tech vendor paid for Nagin's Hawaii trip, Meffert says in deposition

From the Deposition:

Q. Is Logistix, your new company, is it involved in the crime camera business at all at this point?

A. No.


Why state this line in the promotional video,"...we were able to introduce surveillance programs" over this picture?


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Clay said...

I'm pretty sure they don't have the rights to a lot of those images and video. Trying to make a buck using someone else's I.P. is a no-no. He's a big enough target, where I bet people might care.

BWB said...

Direct quote from Nagin's press conference an hour ago, in response to my question re: the interoperability grant:

Meffert "put this city on the right path."