Monday, May 25, 2009

lies, lies, lies...yeah

There is much debate going on by those "in the know" or close to being in the know about wether or not Nagin will actually face criminal charges in the unfolding city IT scandals. While, Meffert is most certainly in the frying pan and now the word is his wife may even be on the hook, Nagin is another story. So far it's apparent that Nagin's defense is amnesia which is only going to take him so far. While there may not be a prosecutable offense against Nagin under the RICO act, perjury is another story.

I went back through his deposition in the crime camera civil suit to try and find areas where he may have knowingly perjured himself. Here is what I came up with:

Lie #1:


Q. Mr. Mayor, we were talking about
10 this American Express bill in front of you,
which we've identified as Exhibit 196, and
12 we were talking about your -- the flight for
13 you and your wife. Urn, you said something
14 about St. L.ouis. Are you referring to the
15 --just the St. Louis right above the May
16 the 8th, 2006?
17 A. Uh-huh. (Indicating an affirmative
18 response.)
19 Q. Okay. But, it says you went from
20 O'Hare Field to New Orleans. Do you
21 remember something about a St. Louis trip
22 with Mr. St. Pierre?
23 A. No. I'm sorry. I was looking at
24 the St. Louis up above. I was misreading.
25 Q. Okay.
1 A. No. This makes no sense. I mean
2 how would I get to Chicago? A one-way
3 ticket back? I dont -- I don't understand
4 this.
5 Q. Do you know if you've ever stayed
6 at the Hyatt Regency before?
7 A. I've stayed at Hyatt Regencies
8 before, yeah.
9 Q. The Hyatt Regency in Chicago?
10 A. Urn, I -- I don't recall doing that
11 inMay.

Really? I mean no shit? You really don't recall that trip?

Lie #2

6 Q. Did you have an opportunity -- Have
7 you ever met Michael Dell before?
8 A. (Pause.) You know, I don't recall
9 meeting him. I know that he was scheduled
10 to come to New Orleans for an event, and I
11 don't think that ever happened where I
12 actually got to meet him.
13 Q. Did you meet him while you were in
14 Hawaii?
15 A. No.
16 Q. No?
17 A. No.

Yes. Methinks yes. We'll know this soon enough when Dell is deposed.

Lie #3

6 Q. Is today the first day that you
7 ever heard that a company that was
8 incorporated, or an LLC company that Mr.
9 Meffert owns was receiving $67,000 from a
10 company that Mr. St. Pierre owned --
11 NetMethods?
12 A. Today is the first day that I've
13 learned of this contract that's out there.
14 I don't know if he actually received this or
15 not, but there is a contract.
16 Q. Let me mark as Exhibit

This is the most egregious by far. I fucking knew it when it was happening because Meffert was running around City Hall bragging about it....seriously. Muppet even boasted about having the credit card under Imagine (Netmethods) and how he had run up over 80k on it. Nearly everyone in that building knew it....Oliver Thomas even knew of it. I'm a fucking blogger and I knew about it. People quit their jobs because of it.

Ray was on the receiving end of gifts from St. Pierre's company....and he's telling us that he didn't know about the arrangement between Muppet and St. Pierre. Of course he knew and its only going to take a small iota of evidence to prove that.

If Nagin is going to get linked back to this and actually charged, my guess is that its going to be in the form of evidence which the Fed is already sitting on that we're not yet aware of....a wire recording or even email. Yes, I think the FBI actually has his email database in their possession....the one that supposedly disappeared as well.


Carmen said...

Please don't forget Stacey Jackson/NOAH. There are quite a number of scandals which can serve to hang Our Mayor out there, at various stages of processing.

And isn't Stacey's lawyer the same as St. Pierre's?

Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on the comment about Mrs. Meffert?