Friday, May 22, 2009

A vengeful god



The funniest thing I think I ever read was when Gordon Russell wrote the article about Pratt getting the Dodge Durango way back in 2006.  When Russell asked her about it, I guess it never occurred to her that it might be illegal...her reply:

"My intention when I donated the car was to be re-elected," she said. "But sometimes God puts things in places for you. It just happened. It wasn't something that was planned intentionally."

So I guess she thought Mose Jefferson was God.  

I wonder if she thinks God can help her now...he just has a way of putting things in place doesn't he?



bah bah bop bah bah.

im lovin it!

mr odem please boot up and stick with us plebians.

we need you sir.

Anonymous said...

A RICO indictment doesn't come without a family member helping the feds to help her own situation. And it doesn't help matters when two certain high level New Orleans East power players for the Jeffersons have turned into state witnesses to save themselves. We will several other elected politicans indicted soon as well thanks to the MCC and tips to the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Who says there aren't any "feel good" stories in the news anymore.

wardenporter said...

If there is a God, Gill-Pratt should be bursting into flames any minute now.