Friday, May 15, 2009

Meanwhile...about Charity

I've been purposely quiet.

I've honestly been toiling over it, though.   Not a day goes by that I don't weigh the options.

and i am going to take an easy out....but a truthful one.

I honestly agree with everything Jeffrey has said....and his observations.

Everything he's said makes sense to me.

I'll even make this statement....if the city had to bulldoze my house to make this happen, i would support shit.


jeffrey said...

If you read through those posts, you'll notice that I've sort of changed my mind a bit about this. And it's because I had and still have tremendous sympathy for the people whose homes are threatened by the proposed development. But the further along this goes, the more it looks like a net loss for the city if we don't get this hospital built.

Unknown said...

As long as the gave you fair property value or paid you enough to cover your mortgage.

If they just came and bulldozed your house with all your stuff in it, I'm thinking the next post wouldn't be so positive about the change.

E said...

would you be as content to sacrifice your home if you knew your property would be comprised of surface parking instead of a hospital?

what about if it took ten years to construct the hospital portion?

what about if less expensive, less destructive, faster options were systematically prevented from being examined?

Jason Brad Berry said...


Yeah I know you're waffling on it....that's the point. So am I. I go back and forth every time I hear both sides. But I have come to the conclusion that it's better to get behind this than possibly lose the economic potential.

Jason Brad Berry said...




Don't know about that or that they were. I know why the current plan is in place and I agree with it. They are tying to anchor Xavier to downtown...I think that is a great fucking idea. Now unless we can make Xavier float in the air....there is only one way to do that.

I think the economic benefits of this complex far outweigh the downside. That's just how I feel.

Puddinhead said...

I'm dead solid on board with Dambala on this one. I'm thinking that if I were one of the few with a home in the project site I'd jump at a fair value offer and move to the actual Mid-City neighborhood with the money...

As for E's questions...Yes, Yes, and I don't care quite so much about the "less expensive, less destructive" offerings of those with no skin in the game, particularly when I see that option as having almost no chance of doing anything to actually improve the city as a whole when compared to the project as currently proposed. Sorry. The previous Charity medical ghetto meant sub-par inefficient health care for the poor at inflated costs. The new project has a very real chance to eventually become a jobs-producer on the scale of Alabama-Birmingham or even U of Texas.