Monday, June 01, 2009


No, i'm not talking about Adobe.

From Anon....anon...ohhh favorite person in the whole wide world:

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I'm sure all these topics will be covered in the looming second lawsuit. The rumors of who is representing the plaintiffs in the second lawsuit is pretty fucking impressive. If what the legal community is saying is true then the plaintiffs have ascertained some serious firepower and not just the same old same old but attorneys who piss vinegar for fun.

this second suit is going to be more fun than the first if everything we are hearing is true. These attorneys purportedly have hired the best private investigators from across the US over the last 4 years in preparation for this lawsuit.

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Anonymous said...

And so when can we expect to see some out-in-the-open developments in the second suit? The glacial pace of this thing is ... painful. I'm ready for some action!